Tergumed Back Centre

The tergumed Back Centre is a computer-controlled training system
which, according to scientific research, is currently the most successful training concept to eliminate back pain. Now, following intensive studies, we too have successfully put this system into operation.

The tergumed Training Centre is a concept for backs which offers a holistic treatment approach with several training modes and is based on the latest scientific findings.

The tergumed back concept fights the vicious circle of back pain in a comprehensive and targeted manner and successfully links therapy programs for building up muscle and endurance and also for cognitive training.

The standardized, analysis-based training to build up muscle is undertaken at the interconnected, computer-assisted tergumed test and training stations.

Following the initial medical and physiotherapeutic diagnosis and also the tergumed function analysis, planning and supervision of a targeted training program takes place, which is based on the compiled test results.

Besides strength and coordination deficits, patients with back pain often also have limited cardiovascular capability as a result of the pain and lack of exercise.

The right amount of targeted endurance training contributes to alleviating the back pain and results in positive effects, in particular with regard to the pain subjectively felt by the patient.

Basic endurance training is thus an important part of the tergumed concept. Patients receive comprehensive information and assistance to apply in their everyday life, such as information on the pain and risk factors, as well as dialogues and discussions. There is an analysis of situations that trigger pain at work and in everyday life, posture and movement patterns are trained along with relaxation and methods to cope with stress.

Above all, the machines can not only be used in an early phase of therapy for patients with severe pain, but also for pain prevention and strength training to improve the body condition and general well-being. The mechanical construction of the machines guarantees proper biomechanical adaptation even for patients with restrictions.

Thanks to measurement sensors for the analysis of muscular strength and range of motion on all the machines, isometric and dynamic tests relating to these parameters can be performed.

Each station is equipped with a laptop on which the tergumed test and training software is installed. This software collects test data and makes it possible to control the training from the PC screen via a special biofeedback method.

Both you and the doctor who prescribed this training program will receive the comprehensive initial tergumed analysis as well as intermediary and final test results.





Neck-Spinal-Column Extension

Neck-Spinal-Column Extension + Lateral-Flexion + Neck-Spinal-Column Flexion