3D-Training: Success in 10 minutes

Health assurance certified preventive program according to §20 SGB V.

The 3D-Training device is a piece of tried and tested whole-body fitness equipment that is equally well suited to people of all performance levels and ages. The many modes of action allow a selection of different programmes for numerous target groups, from untrained elderly people to top-level sportsmen.

On the device you can train your legs, belly, bottom, arms and trunk equally, simultaneously and in practically every position (standing, kneeling, sitting, lying, etc.)

The Principle

The training device is a three-dimensional vibrating plate. Intense, but pleasant vibrations of 30 to 50 times a second trigger off many different positive effects in the body.

The 3D-Training training basically covers 3 areas

In conventional weight training, strength is increased by increasing the weight. The vibration plate and the restraining straps trigger off a muscular and tendon reflex throughout the body.

The effect of this is that the muscles exposed to the vibration contract involuntarily up to 50 times a second. Even the supporting and postural muscles (deep-lying groups of muscles) and the facial muscles contract.

10 minutes of 3D-Training replaces up to 1.5 hrs of normal training!!

In conventional stretching the muscle is supplied with less blood. The vibration of the plate activates muscle pumping. Improved blood supply to the muscles creates an instant stretching result.

In 3D-Training we differentiate between two types of massage. Firstly, a highly effective perfusion massage to enhance the removal of the cellulite stored in the connective tissue. Secondly, a relaxation massage to regenerate and provide effective protection against muscle ache.

There are many exercises for each of these areas.

3D-Training is a genuine revolution in the field of physical training. With minimal impact on the joints, training results can be achieved that are considerably better than with traditional methods, and take up much less time.

How do I train on it ?

3D-Training is very versatile. On your own or in a group, the training device enables you to attain your training goals quickly. Since this kind of training is a very intensive form of training, we recommend that at the beginning you always train under the supervision of a trainer.

For group training, the equipment is arranged in a semi-circle or in a line, in front of which the instructor leads the group, facing you. For a complete e course you should allow about 15 minutes. Each course contains some 10-12 different changes of position, with not more than 60 seconds in one position.

At the beginner level, the work-out phase should last about 10 minutes, including breaks between exercises. At the advanced level, it should not exceed 15 minutes.