Nutrition advice

In our times, nutrition plays a particularly important role, because the world is getting rounder and rounder. Studies reveal that in Germany alone every sixth adult is overweight.

What is clear is that the body only develops fat depots, if it receives more energy than the person can consume. These fat depots are not only unaesthetic but also come along with numerous health issues. Diabetes, high blood pressure or lipid metabolic disorder are just a few to name here. In many cases, the energy-rich diet is also accompanied by a lack of physical activity. These are optimal preconditions for developing obesity (adipositas).

This can be prevented by a healthy and balanced diet. Regular physical activity is the tool to keep the body in shape. Fat depots can be prevented by reducing the intake of energy, while at the same time increasing calory consumption by exercising more. The development of muscles increases the basal metabolic rate, which constantly stimulates the metabolism, thus resulting in the body even burning more calories while asleep.

Muscles are the power plant of our body. The more efficient these power plants are (meaning the better the training status) the more calories are burnt by the body.

What is more, endurance training also strengthens the cardiovascular system and protects against dangerous deposits in the vascular system. Athletes have well trained muscles and therefore power plants that are highly efficient and require constant input. In contrast to overweight, (competitive) athletes need to constantly supply their muscles with energy, because power reserves barely exist.

In An overweight person´s power plant's efficiency needs to be improved by introducing exercise and reducing the energy intake as much as possible to force the body to consume its (fat) reserves.

An energy-reduced diet combined with sports enables everyone to stay healthy and fit and to keep the body in shape!