Physiotherapy in the Water Therapy Pool

If there are no reasons that contraindicate water therapy, a patient can undergo physiotherapeutic treatment in the water therapy pool. Buoyancy, water drag and temperature can be used to increase the efficacy of the prescribed physiotherapy.

Can be performed on patients who can:

  • move the affected parts of the body (no immobilisation or external support required),
  • tolerate mild levels of exercise stress, and can
  • apply pressure to the locomotor system.

Orthopaedic and traumatological disorders
of the spinal column, fractures and soft-tissue injuries once post-operative wounds have healed, rheumatic disorders.

Neurological disorders
such as mild paresis, MS, Parkinson's disease, spasticity.

Medical disorders
such as non-acute heart disease, chronic respiratory disease and psychological disturbances.

The benefits are:
increased patient motivation due to facilitated movement in the water, reduced pain; possibility of fully stressing affected body parts in water even though the patient would not be able to stress the same parts during Ôdry` exercises; good complement to "dry" treatment.