Sling table therapy

The sling table conceived by Wenk is a device that enables the patient to experience weightlessness, either of the whole body or of individual parts of the body.

Correct use of the sling table requires detailed knowledge of how as a function of their position, the suspension points can facilitate or inhibit movement, can apply tractive or compressive forces to the joints, and can stretch or strengthen muscles.


  • Strengthening of paralysed muscles using axial suspension
  • Training therapy using weights and expanders
  • Traction of joints using weights and expanders
  • Controlled spinal extension
  • Muscular stretching
  • Stabilization of joints or sections of the spine
  • Relaxation in secure multi-point suspension harness
  • Co-ordination training using axial suspension
  • Mobilization of joints using axial suspension
  • Positioning to reduce joint stress or to improve joint mobilization or to allow muscular stretching
  • Fixation to prevent evasive movements

Movement is facilitated because the patient`s apparent weight is effectively reduced. With no frictional resistance in the joints, movements can be carried out, which would otherwise be impossible because of pain (trauma, arthrosis) or because of muscular weakness (paralysis, muscular dystrophy).